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December 29, 2020 3 min read

Raise your hand if you’re constantly trying to improve your services for your beautiful clients 🙋🏽‍♀️ As beauty professionals, our role primarily involves providing a service that leaves our clients feeling pampered, beautiful and fresh (and wanting to come back!). But it can sometimes be difficult to identify innovative ways to improve our services and create the perfect treatment when we’re already doing everything we possibly can. One suggestion I commonly make to new therapists is to include a take-home product or sample with each treatment. Clients often feel like their beauty therapist has gone the extra mile when they hand them a take-home product before they head out of the door. These simple add-ons to your service extends the length of the treatment to the time your client goes home and uses their take-home product. Additionally, gifting a client a sample of a product that will extend the life of their treatment generates trust and brand loyalty and you’ll quickly become your client’s fave beauty professional. Winning! So, what sort of products can you gift to your clients without going out of pocket yourself? We’ve created a list of 4 take-home products to enhance your beauty treatments and leave your clients coming back for more! 

Foaming Eyelash Extension Shampoo with Shampoo Cleansing Brush

1. Shampoo Cleansing Brushes

Whether it’s a new eyelash extension client or a long-time customer, it’s always important to encourage proper lash extension care. Including a Shampoo Cleansing Brush with each lash extension service is a great way to promote lash aftercare. You may also use this as an opportunity to educate your client about lash retention and blepharitis, so they understand the steps they need to take to maintain healthy lashes. The addition of a take-home Shampoo Cleansing Brush in your treatment can also be a useful tool to up-sell your client’s service to include a lash extension shampoo.

Hot tip: If you’re including a ‘free gift’ with each service, be sure to factor in these prices within your service menu so you’re not losing out in the long run. 

2. Mascara Wand

Teach your client’s how to maintain their fluffy lash extensions with a take-home eco-friendly mascara wand. Eco-friendly mascara wands can be ordered in bulk and can be used throughout the treatment and as a take-home gift for your client. This simple gesture shows to your clients you care about their lashes even after they step out of your salon and out of your hands. Educating your clients on the important of lash upkeep and daily brushing is going to make the difference between a client who visits your salon once and a client who never thinks about going somewhere else ever again. The best thing about eco-friendly mascara brushes is their multi-purpose use - whilst you can gift them to clients, they are also useful for different beauty treatments including brow lamination treatments and facials.

3. Sample of Brow Oil

Nothing says ‘experienced and trustworthy brow specialist’ than a brow specialist who considers the aftercare of their client’s beauty treatments. Offer your clients a small sample of brow oil to apply when they go home to lengthen the life of their brow lamination or brow treatment. Providing your clients with a sample ensures they have been supplied with enough product to know the benefits, which can later encourage them to purchase a full bottle of brow oil the next time they’re in the salon. This is a perfect way to build trust with your client and also show them you genuinely care about their brow treatment. 

4. Apply Finish Serum for Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Finish Serum for Long-Lasting Lashes

You don’t always need to gift your client with a product to take home, you can always offer them the free addition of a strengthening product to perfect their treatment. A finish serum is the perfect way to enhance your eyelash extension service as it strengthens the lash application and promotes lash retention. Your clients will absolutely love you for going the extra mile, so their lashes look fuller and fluffier for longer. Trust us, a Finish Serum is an easy way to boost your service and can easily be factored into the price of your lash extensions options.

It's important for each client to feel like they’ve received the best service possible. Including a take-home product or an aftercare serum to enhance your client’s treatment is the easiest way to demonstrate your dedication to the client experience whilst showcasing your professional expertise.