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October 21, 2020 3 min read

Remember all the way back when we used to fill in our brows with a brow pencil that was wayyyy too dark for our hairs and on top of that, we didn’t ever try to blend out the product? Yeah… we’re glad those days are over too. Now, we have these amazing brow treatments called Brow Laminations that help us to achieve that fuller brow look without any filling in necessary (um, yes please!). But for a Brow Lamination to look good and be successful, there are a few things brow techs need to know and have. So, here are 5 key tools you need in your Brow Lamination Kit!

  • Lamination sachets

You guessed it, for your brow lamination treatment to be on point, you kiiiinda need the lamination solution. The solution comes in separate sachets, so they are pre-portioned for each treatment. Ideally, you’ll have 3 separate solutions for each step of the treatment:

  1. The Perm Solution
  2. The Fix Solution
  3. The Nourish Solution

You’ll find the sachets we stock for Steps 1 + 2 at The iLash Collective are vegan, so you won’t need to worry about using any nasty products. The lamination solutions can also be used for lash lifting so you can double up on stock whilst adding a different treatment to your salon menu! (Did someone say two for the price of one?!) You can purchase your sachets here.

  • Eco-friendly lip wands or eco-friendly mascara brushes

Just so we aren’t stocking endless products and tools, we like to double up on everyday beauty products and use lip wands or mascara brushes to apply our brow lamination solution. The lip wands and brushes are gentle, yet sturdy enough, to precisely apply the lamination solution to your client’s brows. We also opt for eco-friendly products as we are constantly going through disposable lip wands and brushes for different treatments! You can grab your eco-friendly lip wands right here and your mascara brushes here! You might even throw in a couple of extra brushes for each treatment and send a couple of wands or brushes home with your clients for brow upkeep.

Tip: Your lip wands can also be used to safely remove the lamination solution after each step and to clean up any excess solution around the brows during the application.

  • Brow glue

Do you have a client with unruly, stubborn eyebrows? You need a brow glue, gal. A brow glue is used to keep the eyebrows in position so you can perform a perfect brow lamination treatment each time. We personally love this brow glue as it’s gentle on the skin and water soluble. Definitely keep one of these in your beauty kit!

  • Brow Scissors

Brow scissors are essential to your brow lamination kit as many of your clients will arrive to their appointment with grown out brows. Brow scissors allow you to trim and shape your client’s brows with extra precision to reveal a flawless brow lamination every time. Get yours here.

Whilst the perfect brow lamination comes down to your professional skills and experience, the products and tools you use make the difference between a great treatment and an *incredible* treatment. Make sure you carefully select your products and tools so you can confidently complete your treatments for each of your clients. At The iLash Collective, we stock a complete Brow Lamination Kit including all the essential tools you need for a perfect treatment. You can order yours here right now!

Got a question about any of our products? Just shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.