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January 17, 2023 3 min read

We’ve learned to enjoy the quiet times in Salon, but here are some ways to spend the quiet time when it occurs👯‍♀️


➡️ Run specials that will benefit your business long-term, not just make a quick buck. As a lash artist you can run full set specials for clients to try your work and hopefully return for 2-3 week infills. Don’t forget to run specials that also benefit your current clients so they can enjoy trying new services too!


➡️ Reconnect with old clients. Send an sms campaign or email with your specials to win back previous clients, or ask them for feedback to find out why they haven’t returned. Feedback helps businesses to grow and evolve!


➡️ Nurture current clients: Offer them specials for them to try new services or offer them free add ons to fill gaps, and get content. They might love the service and book in again! Offer goodie bags, reception goodies and an overall great client experience! We offer salon memberships for clients who get regular infills, which saves them money and keeps our diaries full!


➡️ Refresh. Spring clean your space, stocktake and update your retail products. Save new music playlists, catch up on your admin and bookkeeping tasks you’ve been putting off. Get new decor or furniture, refresh your aesthetic & think about your client experience.


➡️ Re-train or Learn something New. Update yourself on new trends, try new beauty services, buy a manual or ebook, watch YouTube videos and tutorials. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Take a course and add new skills to your menu. Practice on your mannequin head, book in models to try these skills and take content!


➡️ Rebook clients on the spot rather than let them book online. This gives you more control over your diary, more idea of future bookings and saves your client from forgetting/remembering to book themselves. If you have a deposit system online, you can book them yourself without a deposit as incentive to book that day. Your client will get the time and day they want without missing out.


➡️ Go old school with Marketing. The advantage of being an older person😂 I have experience in a world where the internet didn’t exist yet… YES, I know. Old school marketing can include getting out and about doing flyer drops, saying hi to other businesses who would cross-promote with you. Update your salon and staff photos. Put your business in the school newsletter, do daycare or gym flyers, advertise in the local paper, do radio ads, create outdoor signage for example. Create a flyer with candy stapled to a special offer for local clients to come visit you this month! In terms of online marketing, you can find the time to make sure your website is updated, start or continue writing your blogs to benefit SEO, send email newsletters, sms reminders, engage with your followers and potential clients. Run ads on social media like Tiktok and Facebook/Instagram, but use your ads manager on a computer to create and manage these. Let local clients know about your new year specials, what they can experience when booking with you and how they can benefit.


➡️ Focus on content creation for free advertising. Use Instagram & Tiktok as your portfolio for clients to see what you offer! Post 1-2 times per day, post reels and stories that create engagement with polls or question stickers. Do lives so clients can see you working or listen to your advice, create and plan content then schedule it ahead of time. Batch create reels or TikTok’s to post later when you’re too busy. Recycle content. Post your reels to Tiktok and YouTube, add these to your website or content your feed to your site like a Gallery.


➡️ Don’t just focus on money and business. Make time for yourself and your mental health. Have a slow day, enjoy the quiet time. Remember what sparks joy for you. And if you can’t remember that, make time to try new things and figure it out. Maybe you’ve gone through a change and now you need to get to know what you thrive on again? Meditate, exercise, go on an adventure, enjoy new or old hobbies, plan your goals in a journal or vision board, organise trips that are good for your soul, and eat good food. Or do absolutely Nothing. It’s up to you!


For more in depth Business Advice, purchase our Business Course or book in a Coaching call to discuss your business growth options! 

Enjoy! A xx








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