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Foaming Cleanser: For Lashes + Skin

Foaming Cleanser: For Lashes + Skin

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Do you want a Gentle, Vegan & Cruelty-free way to keep your skin clean and hydrate daily? 

Do you wear eyelash extensions? 

Do you enjoy luxury Skincare without the price tag!

Our hero product, Baddie Foaming Cleanser, has been specially created by Beauty Professionals. It’s our mission to provide High Quality affordable skincare that is cruelty-free, but is ALSO friendly for your eyelash extensions and other regular salon treatments! 

Not only can you cleanse and clean your Face with our luxe foaming Cleanser, but you can also keep your eyelash extensions free from natural oils, debris, makeup and dirt! Which wearers know, affect how long eyelash extensions last and also prevent Blepharitis (the dreaded lash mite).

✅ Thick, velvety Foam

✅ Gentle, Oil-free Formula

✅ Super Hydrating: Non-Stripping

✅ Leaves skin feeling Hydrated, Clean + Glowing

✅ Cruelty-Free, Vegan + Fragrance Free

✅ Watermelon Extract

✅ Paraben-free

✅ Suitable for All Skin Types


Leave your Baddie Foaming Cleanser in the shower. 1-2 pumps using your fingertips to cleanse upwards in a circular motion, or with our reusable Cleansing Pad!

For cleaning eyelash extensions, you can use our specialised cleansing Lash Brush to work the product into your eyelash extensions, one eye at a time.

Work foam into the extensions with your brush, gently up and back along the extensions. Try not to scrub side to side or too harshly. Rinse eyes before opening.

Make sure to clean your brush after each use with brush cleaner or soapy water, this is important for Lash hygiene.

Our Cleansing Pads can be cleaned in warm soapy water, and then easily throw them in the washing machine once or twice per week. They will last approximately 200 washes! They’re also made from reusable flannel material, great for sensitive skin and reduce the use of disposable products that end up in landfill and oceans.

**Lash Brush may come in white or pink with gold or silver.

Apply to be a Stockist on our Wholesale page! Use code SHAMPOO50 for 20 pieces or more bulk discount.

These are perfect for salon clients who need a go-to product to take care of their salon treatments. Foaming Lash Cleanser should be offered to every Lash Client, otherwise their lashes may not last as well as they should, and their hygiene may suffer.

As Salon owners and Beauty Industry Professionals, we know how important these products are to keeping clients happy 👯‍♀️ 

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