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Unlock the Artistry of Lash Extensions with our Comprehensive Online Training Program!

🌟 ONLINE 3 Techniques: Classic, Hybrid, and Pre-made Volume Lash Training 🌟

Now you can master all types of lash sets from the comfort of your own home, and the best part? It's a steal at just a fraction of the usual $2500 in-person price!

The Ultimate Beginner Lash Training Experience Awaits:

📚 What's Included:
- Detailed Manuals
- Certification upon Completion
- Ongoing Post-Training Support
- Opportunity to Select Your Preferred Kit

📖 Course Highlights:

🚀 Goal Setting & Planner
🔨 Room Setup & Kit Essentials
🌟 Setting Up for Success
❌ Contraindications & Safety
💧 Allergies & Patch Testing Guidance
🧼 Hygiene & Safety Protocols
🌬️ Glue Care & Ideal Working Environment
🗺️ Lash Mapping Mastery
📝 Engaging Quizzes
🎭 Mannequin Practice to Perfect Your Craft
🚿 The Art of Lash Bathing
📐 Taping Methods for Precision
👁️ Classic, Hybrid & Volume Application Techniques
🛋️ Client Aftercare Best Practices
🔓 Removal Process Expertise
🔁 Infill Techniques
🔧 Troubleshooting Retention Issues
🏢 Setting Up Your Lash Business for Success
💰 Client Return & Pricing Strategy Insights
📣 Marketing Strategies, Advertising Tips & Supplier Guidance
🤝 Post-Training Support for Lifelong Learning
📘 Comprehensive Manuals
🏆 Certification & Lifetime Access to Online Modules

Plus, you have the option to supercharge your training with our carefully curated Starter Kit.

See for yourself by checking out the included Modules and Reviews in the photos!

But that's not all! We've sweetened the deal with BONUS Business Advice and Tips to help you flourish in the lash industry.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to launch your lash career. Join us and discover the limitless potential of lash extensions! 🌟

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Choose Online Course Only or Full Starter Kit with Mannequin head.

If purchasing the Starter Kit, it will include:

1 x SET C Curl 0.15 Classic Mixed Length 9mm-13mm
1 x Cleansing Shampoo
25 x Eco friendly wands
25 x Eco mascara wands
1 x Lash glue
1 x Curved Tweezer
1 x Straight Tweezer
10 x Eyelash Pads
1 x Lash Tape
1 x Lash Tile
1 x Glue Remover
1 x Cleansing Brush
1 x Puff Dryer

Pre-made Fans: 0.07 4d or 5d C or D Curl, 10mm/11mm/12mm length 

Practice eyelashes, Mannequin Head
PDF Lash Practice Template (Download)

Unleash Your Earning Potential as a Full-Time Lash Technician Working from Home!

🤑 Are you curious about the financial possibilities of becoming a full-time lash artist from the comfort of your own home? Allow us to shed some light on the exciting earning potential in the world of lash extensions!

When you embark on your journey as a lash technician, the sky's the limit when it comes to your income. Here's a glimpse of what you can achieve:

💰 **Flexibility and Autonomy**: As a home-based lash technician, you have the freedom to set your own schedule. You decide when you work, allowing you to balance your career with your personal life seamlessly.

💼 **Building a Steady Client Base**: With the skills and knowledge you gain from our comprehensive training, you'll be able to create stunning lash extensions that leave your clients delighted. Happy clients become repeat clients, ensuring a steady stream of income.

📈 **Scalability**: You have the power to scale your lash business as you see fit. Whether you choose to focus on classic, hybrid, or volume lash sets, or offer a combination of these, you can expand your services and increase your earning potential.

🌐 **Online and Social Media Presence**: Utilize your social media platforms to showcase your work, share before-and-after photos, and engage with potential clients. A strong online presence can attract a broad audience and boost your income.

💡 **Pricing Strategy**: With the training you receive, you'll gain insights into pricing strategies. This allows you to set competitive rates that reflect your skill level and the value you provide, ensuring you're compensated fairly for your expertise.

📣 **Marketing and Advertising**: Our course equips you with marketing and advertising tips that can help you attract a consistent flow of clients. Effective marketing can significantly impact your earning potential.

📈 **Earnings Potential**: While earnings can vary based on location and demand, many full-time lash technicians earn a substantial income, with some exceeding six figures annually. Your income is directly linked to the effort and dedication you invest in your business.

🌟 **A Rewarding Career**: Beyond the financial benefits, becoming a lash technician is personally fulfilling. You get to enhance the natural beauty of your clients, boost their confidence, and leave a lasting impact.

Incorporating our Online 3 Techniques: Classic, Hybrid, and Pre-made Volume Lash Training into your journey can help you maximize your earning potential. It's not just about gaining skills; it's about opening doors to a lucrative and rewarding career in the world of lashes. 🚀

Join us today and start your path towards financial success as a home-based lash technician! 💼🏡💰

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