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Easy Fanning 0.03 C Curl Lashes

Easy Fanning 0.03 C Curl Lashes

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Ever wanted the look of Mega Volume on your clients, but not wanting to take hours to create hand made fans?

Then Easy Fanning or “Auto Fanning” Lashes are your answer! Our super thin & soft 0.03 easy fanning lashes will not only have your clients addicted, but you will enjoy how simple we’ve made it to create your own fans.

You can achieve those full, fluffy mega volumes in half the time, and your clients (AND your back) will love you for it.

If auto fanning isn’t your thing, try our Mega Volume premade fans, or for the true Artisans we have russian 0.07 faux mink strips to create your fans from scratch... there’s something for EVERYONE 💘

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