20D Pre-made Mega Volume Fans 0.03 D Curl

20D Pre-made Mega Volume Fans 0.03 D Curl. 

Our beautifully soft, and easy to use, 20D 0.03 Mega Volume Fans will have your clients absolutely ADDICTED!

They’re easily removed from the strip, you can use any tweezer to pick them up (including straight tweezers), and make for full, fluffy mega volume lashes... WITHOUT damage, and without having to wait until you’ve trained and perfected hand making your own Mega Volume fans.

The best way to place these, is to “spear” them with the natural lash through the fan, then place on the base of the natural lash and hover for a few seconds, to make sure the fan dries in the perfect condition. Always make sure you isolation is perfect, so as not to cause damage to your client.

Great if your mega volume trained and want to substitute these if you are running low on time, or simply don’t want to wait to add these to your Client Menu. For example: Charge $220 for a set, $140 for infills, plus upsell shampoo to make sure your client looks after their thick new lashes, and you have a nice recurring income with mega.

These will SELL OUT, so grab yours while you can! 

NB. Please see video for how to gently remove the strip from the tray, and also to easily remove from the sticky strip for application. Always remember, that fans can be stuck on the strip either at the tip of the fan, the middle of fan and also the bottom stem of the fan. You may need alter how you pick up these fans depending how they are sitting in the tray. For example: if the fan is stuck in the middle, like in the video, you will need to grab the base and roll up and off the sticky strip gently, place back and then pick up again from the tips of the fan for placement onto the natural lashes.

Please email for any application assistance xx