7D 0.05 Pre-made Volume Fans Long Stem D Curl

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Are you a Qualified Lash Tech, wanting to purchase quality Premade Volume?


Ever wanted to try Mega Volume application, but don't have the time to practice handmade and add to your menu?

Try these high quality Premade 7D lashes in D Curl! 1 x 0.05 7D is lighter than 1 x 0.15 classic extension. Just make sure to always isolate, never over extend the natural lash, and these will cause no damage to your client.

Heat bonded, not glue, long stem base, these will become addictive to your clients!

Vegan, Cruelty-free Extensions only :)

Add these to your menu, with a high menu price, to reflect your skills and product. Watch your client list grow with Mega Volume!

*Stock subject to availability.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently in the process of changing our packaging to Eco friendly boxes. We recommend recycling your trays by putting your mascara wands in them for clients, use them as lash tiles, for storage... anyway you can, without just throwing them away. Let's try to reduce plastic wastage as much as possible in the meantime! Xx