Aqua Aura Quartz Polished Crystal Tumble x 1

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As each crystal is unique, please be aware that they can differ from stock images.

Aqua Aura Quartz is a beautiful bright blue quartz crystal created from the result of a special process involving gold.  The crystals are fine vaporised gold bonded by an electric charge to the crystal's surface.  These crystals resonate strongly with a very high and intense vibration that is powerful to aid communication and psychic gifts.  Aqua Aura Quartz is known as the stone of the mind, aqua aura quartz is very helpful when redirecting your energies.  Aqua Aura strengthens meditation which can enhance any psychic endeavours.  Aqua Aura is used to empower and enhance telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychic healing, and automatic writing as well as other modalities.  It can assist with calming, relaxing effect on the emotional and physical bodies & is great for releasing negativity.  It helps relieve stress and depression, calms anger, cools fever, attracts wealth and allows your inner beauty to soothe & assist with healing the aura.  It is particularly stimulating to the Throat Chakra, enhancing one’s ability to express emotions in a constructive, positive manner & encouraging one to speak their truth from the heart.  Aqua Aura activates soul energy & deepens spiritual attunement.