Cream Glue Remover 5g

Safe Removal- remove eyelash extensions easily without damaging the natural lashes.

Advanced Formula - Our specific cream formula has a clay-like consistency to stay on the lashes and not seep into the eye.

Precise & EfficientVery effective in spot removing eyelashes or in removing all the eyelashes. 

All Natural - Gentle with a light citrus squash scent. The best cream eyelash extension remover on the market.


Make sure your clients eyes are closed tightly throughout the removal and apply a gel pad to tape down their lower lashes

Allow cream remover to sit on the glue bonds for 1-2 minutes before removing gently with micro brushes or similar. If the extensions do not easily fall away, repeat and leave for longer.

Wipe away excess remover once all glue residue has been removed. Double cleanse, and double rinse. Then ask your client to slowly open one eye at a time. If they are stinging, continue to Cleanse and Rinse, making sure to get any remover that may be stuck in skin folds, or inner eye lids/water line.

Size: 5g

Consistency: Cream

Cruelty Free & Vegan