Imagine - Caramel White Chocolate Block

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Caramel White Chocolate Block - Imagine

Cookies and cream dreams come true
A delicious blend of melt-in-your-mouth caramel, white chocolate and crunchy cookie bits, blessed with Lion’s Mane for neural nourishment. Let your nourished mind enjoy the flight of imagination. Break off a few squares of magic, and take the feeling with you wherever you go.


cacao butter

evaporated coconut blossom nectar

coconut milk

almond meal

maple syrup

cacao powder

uncontaminated wheat free oats


lion’s mane extract

vanilla extract

caramel essence

baking soda

Australian sea salt

Contains nuts.

All ingredients organic unless otherwise *noted



Lion’s Mane

Named for its regal, lion-like manner, this mighty mushroom supports brain and nervous system health in a multitude of ways. Buddhist monks used this wonder shroom to strengthen the mind and fortify the brain. Lion’s Mane nurtures remyelination and functions to repair damaged regions of our central nervous system. This all-natural brain booster supports not only cognitive function but also memory and concentration. Supportive of digestive health and our circulatory system, this antioxidant powerhouse is said to improve the constitution of the stomach. Balance your mood and level up with the ultimate mind power herb.