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Luxe Hydrating Lip Masks

Luxe Hydrating Lip Masks

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The perfect addition to any lash set! Upsell your client a lip mask or include with each service! Not only will they love the treatment for a small price, but it will make you faster because you can lash with distractions, while your client sleeps or relaxes:

  • Rich in collagen increases the elasticity of the lips & leaves them smooth
  • The product contains rich moisturizing factors, which can quickly penetrate the skin, provide sufficient nutrition and moisture to the skin and firmly lock the moisture, making the lips smooth and tender.
  • The crystal collagen lip mask softens, exfoliates, removes dead skin, leaving skin soft and firm.
  • Reduce lip wrinkles, fade lip color, make your skin smooth and firm.
  • This product can effectively soften the keratin and make the skin of the lips more tender.

Colour: Pink, Gold or Glitter

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