Luxury Training Mannequin: PRE ORDER

These more realistic Training Mannequins are a must have for students who are serious about becoming well practiced Lash Artists, as well as being the perfect Mannie for Lash Trainers to use.

Mannequins come in 3 different skin tones, with replaceable eyelids, which can be beneficial when learning/teaching taping techniques, more life like lashes to attach to and also when performing removals.

Comes with Extra eyelids, or choose without! 

Definitely a popular choice amongst Lash Artists currently, having only a limited number coming into stock... So don’t miss out! 

NB: If the item is out of stock online, please enter your details to be notified or email for a personalised purchase. We will organise shipment for you, which can take a few weeks to arrive.

Medium Skin Tone: Mannequin Only
Medium Skin Tone: Mannequin + Extra Eyelids
Dark Skin Tone: Mannequin Only
Dark Skin Tone: Mannequin + Extra Eyelids
Fair Skin Tone: Mannequin Only
Fair Skin Tone: Mannequin + Extra Eyelids