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ECO Classic Eyelash Extensions 0.15 D Curl

ECO Classic Eyelash Extensions 0.15 D Curl

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We’re so excited to share our very own custom


You will love how soft and dark these lashes look, and feel... your client won’t feel uncomfortable from the weight, and they will be addicted!

After 4 years of hunting the perfect lashes down, we have taken out the guessing work for you, to bring these high quality Classic lash extensions to add to your menu.

In our salon of 4 techs, we have hundreds of clients, and use these lashes on every classic or hybrid set, each day! They’re our fave! 

Here are the benefits in a nutshell 💘

• Soft, Synthetic Mink

• Vegan

• Eco friendly, recyclable, reusable 

• Not too heavy or thick, 0.15 weight

• Holds its curl, D Curl

• Cruelty free

• Foil backing strips, for easy removal

• Cute packaging, suits any decor

• Convenient, removable tray

We mainly use C Curl in our salon, with D Curl running a close second in Classic Application. As we tend to promote natural looks in classic extensions. Then if our client would likely something slightly more dramatic, you can upgrade them to hybrids and mix them in with D Curl volume fans, or your own personalised mixture!

We also have L Curl Classics, which give that pointy winged look! 

When you’re finished with your tray, why not place your clients Mascara brush inside with your business card, after their next visit, and let them take it home as storage for their handbag! Cuuutteee! 💕

For Classic Lash Training, refer to our Education section for details! Or email any questions to Head Trainer:

We hope you enjoy these lashes as much as we do, and our clients do! Happy Lashing Lash Gang xx

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