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Cream Remover

Cream Remover

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Gently Cream Eyelash Extension Remover

Completely Vegan & Cruelty Free

Strawberry Scent

Salon Favourite


Professionals Only

1. Apply Eyepads to protect under eye skin. Tell client to keep their eyes closed until instructed as the remover is strong and may irritate their eyes.

2. Use eco friendly lip wand or micro brush to apply remover generously where the glue has been applied to the extensions, usually at the base of the lashes. 

3. Leave remover on for a minute or more to allow it to dissolve the glue and return it to its liquid state. Cover clients eyes with tissue to avoid bright lights making their eyes shake.

4. After a few minutes, you can use your lip wand or micro brush to start brush the extensions off gently. Place a fingertip on the clients eyelid to keep their eyelid still while you brush off the extensions. This will stop their eye coming open while you tug.

5. If you need something more, you can use tweezers to try to pull the extensions off gently instead. Always keep your finger on the closed eyelid and don’t pull too hard that the eye comes open. If the lashes aren’t easily sliding away, you may need to reapply and wait again.

The more glue that has been used previously on the extensions, the harder the removal will be and the longer it will take.

Tip: Make sure you remove all glue residue before washing the lashes to avoid “blooming”

Please view our YouTube channel for further instructions 


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