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Lash Plump: “Lash Botox”

Lash Plump: “Lash Botox”

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Similar to Olaplex for hair, we have created a repairing mask for eyelashes and eyebrows!

Also known as "Lash Botox" or "Lash Filler" this formula works to protect or repair the disulfide bonds of the hair, this could be protection for untouched hair from damage from environment, heat tools or curling. Or for repairing and helping to prevent further damage from lash lift or brow lamination chemicals.

It is the perfect after care for salon clients to use at home, and also for beauty professionals to ensure the safety and best treatment for their salon clients.

Simply add this Lash Cream as a mask, at the end of your normal lash lift or brow lamination. It comes after all steps and tinting, to help instantly plump and repair those bonds.

As a beauty professional, you can apply to become a stockist and receive your wholesale discount: please go to our wholesale section. Using during your services, and also retailing to clients for purchase after treatment is best, as it will gain your clients trust and keep them coming back because their lash health will not be compromised.

Pair this Lash Cream with our Lash Growth Serum as part of our "Lash Rescue" Kit if you have experienced damage from extensions, lash lifts or from simply "picking" the hairs. You will see a dramatic difference in just a few weeks!

Use as a nourishing mask weekly/fortnightly or monthly.


1. Apply cream with a dry cotton tip or makeup brush

2. Close one eye per time, and apply all over the top lashes (including underneath and in between) to make sure the entire hair is benefiting. You can also apply to your brows and/or bottom lashes if you wish!

3. Use a spoolie brush to brush/roll through product on top and push lashes up from underneath to make sure product is spread evenly

4. Open eye and remove any excess cream on the skin around eye, including under eyes, using a tissue or clean cotton tip

5. Wait 3-5 minutes for lashes to soak up the mask. Remove with dry cotton tip until all excess is gone, and brush lashes with spoolie

6. Repeat on other eye

7. Do not wash product away, unless irritation occurs

8. At the first sign of irritation or reaction, rinse eye until clean

9. Avoid getting product in eyes. If this happens, rinse until clean

10. Discontinue use if irritation occurs during or after process.

11. Patch test is recommended before use



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