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Lip Rescue Duo: Scrub + Balm

Lip Rescue Duo: Scrub + Balm

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A full lip treatment in one jar PLUS our silicone Lip Scrubber 😋

Lip Scrub on top, Lip Mask/Balm on bottom & silicone lip applicator hidden in your bottle!

STEP 1: Apply yummy scrub over lips

STEP2: Gently rub your silicone scrubber in circles over your lips to remove dry, dead skin, hydrate and improve circulation, which in turn changes lip colour naturally!

STEP 3: Apply lip balm and use whenever needed, or use as a Lip Mask before bed to lock in all the rejuvenating goodness!


🍇Grape seed oil also promotes wound healing
🌱Hydrating Jojoba Oil
🍓Strawberry Scented (Reminds me of the Lipsmacker days!!)

You’ll have to resist eating the lip scrub! 🍓

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