Magnifying Glasses for Eyelash Extensions

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The perfect accessory to level up your Lash Game! 

These beauties make isolation so much easier, if needing that extra bit of help, when viewing the lashes up close. Sometimes your depth of field or focusing on small lashes can be difficult, especially after a long day of lashing, when your eyes are tired from staring all day.

With our two options, you will be able to get up close and personal with those pesky baby lashes, and isolate perfectly to your hearts content! 

Two strengths available:

+2 = 200% stronger magnification (Standard)

+4 = 400% stronger magnification (Extra Strong)

These are not made for long distance, so please try not to look too far away while wearing. This may cause headaches if doing so.

Your Crystal Pink or Crystal Clear glasses, will be your new Lash BESTIE. Enjoy! 💘