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Pink Eco Friendly Bamboo Mascara Wands / Mascara Brushes

Pink Eco Friendly Bamboo Mascara Wands / Mascara Brushes

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Here at The iLash Collective, we are always trying to be more conscious of our environment and clean beauty products. Although we aren't perfect, we believe that every little change counts towards a better planet in our future.

With that said, we have ditched the Plastic Wands and are happy to share with you our Eco Friendly version of Mascara Wands / Eyelash Brushes

Use these in conjunction with Eyelash Extensions, Removals, Cleansing, Brow Services etc, in place of plastic brushes! At the end of the service, ask your client if they would like to take them home, or recycle them as needed. Unlike plastic, Bamboo is naturally occurring in our environment and not damaging to our oceans and entire planet.

One small step towards a more eco conscious lifestyle. The planet will thank you... We do. x

P.s If you LOVE these, we also have other beauty brushes made from Bamboo also... CHECK THEM OUT! 

50pcs per tub or bag + can be used to conveniently store tweezers or other small items (tub colours can vary)

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