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Rapid Lash Lifting Solution

Rapid Lash Lifting Solution

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Now we have multiple options when it comes to tailoring your lash lifts & brow laminations to suit your salon timeframes!

Our new RAPID Lash Lifting Solution takes just 5-8 minutes for average lash hair (approx. 3 mins for brow lamination), so your appointments will be quick & easy.


• Clean the lashes with oil free shampoo, rinse with distilled water & apply bottom eye pads

• Use lash lift glue to apply the silicone shields or rods, using the appropriate size to the eyes, as close to the eyelash base as possible 

• Use your lash lift tool, to pull the lashes straight up and over the shield. For the perfect fit, the lashes should go over the top of the shield or rod, but rather just touch the top or at least half way. Never use a size where the lashes go over the height of the shield/rod, as they will curl over themselves

• Apply step 1 with an eco micro brush or lip gloss applicator from the base up, careful not to cover the entire tip of the Lash where they are thin & fragile. Make sure lashes are separated and not cross-crossed

• Apply solution from the root of lashes up to the middle of the hair, NEVER touch the tips of the lashes & process for 5-8 minutes for average hair, up to 10 minutes for stubborn lashes, 3-5 minutes for thin hair.

• Use dry cotton tip to wipe away excess, careful not to move the hair

• Apply Step 2 for same amount of time as step 1

• Use dry cotton tip to remove excess, protect the skin with Vaseline & apply blue black tint to the lashes, time according to brand

• Rinse with distilled water, make sure to clean up any staining & Apply Step 3 Keratin cream

• Give client excess Keratin cream to take home if using sachets, or offer client to purchase Keratin and apply daily

• No water, mascara or makeup on the lashes for 24 hours

**For clients with sensitive skin or eyes, please use our gentle lash lift solution, which takes approximately 10-12 minutes for lash lifts. The gentle solution is our original serum.

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